Four Score and Seven Me's Ago

"Spectacular! Spectacular!"

Huh? What is this?!

Hello there!

   Welcome to the official website of Mr. Lenton Lees. Yeah, see that? You look up there in the search bar. That's my site. I realize it includes the mention of "yola" which makes it look less professional. I will ask you at this time to take a small piece of tape and put it over the word "yola". This will help you fully appreciate the me-ness that is ME! Who is me?

   Most people would fill this up with "information" about them trying to manipulate and trick you into feeling a certain way about them. Not me! I'm only going to mention I am twenty one and I live in Sharpsburg. All the rest of the thrilling information about me can be found by browsing through all the fun pages on my site! Because what we say doesn't define us... it's what we do!!!

    Anywho, the endless nights you spend on this site will help you make many discoveries that'll change your life forever. Go ahead and put on your adventure cap and get ready for a 'round the world trip through the magical amazon of Lenny!

Yeah, feel it, uh huh!

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